Saturday, June 14, 2008

WEIRD: Hedviga's Season Finale

So far, this is the strangest story I’ve heard all year. It’s not an urban myth or hearsay. This is an official news item.

May 2008, police broke into a small apartment in Croatia. There was a dispute about who owned the building and they were helping authorities to resolve the issue.

Inside the apartment, they found a woman. Neighbors thought she had moved to another city long ago. Actually she had died right after getting herself a cup of tea.

She still sat in her armchair in front of the TV with her teacup sitting on the table next to her. Her name was Hedviga Golik.

She died in 1966. She died 42 years ago.


abbie said...

Meaning like, rotting in her chair? No more tea for me.

Bret Carter said...

Basically, she was mummified.

abbie said...

So did somebody kill her and mummify her? I am so confused.