Thursday, July 10, 2008


REVIEW: The Dark Knight
EDITORIAL: Why Batman is the Ultimate Superhero
WRITING: San Diego--Death by Pencil


Anonymous said...

Very interesting beginning--I'm anxious to read more. As always, you paint a vivid scene for the readers with fantastic detail and simile. My favorite is "like a gladiator matched against Frosty the snowman". What a great way to say that Griggs had to be confident in triumph even if he was scared.

Question: is the middle part Griggs thinking? --Brent

Brent said...

Ignore what anonymous said. He's too dumb to understand how to post a comment on a blog.

I'm admittedly way too excited about the next Batman movie, especially after reading some of the rave early reviews. I hope I haven't set the bar unrealistically high.