Sunday, August 3, 2008


It started at Kamp and ended at Camp. Stayed at the kampground house / preaching at Castle Rock / fireworks with the gang / walking Atticus and Radley / mowing the lawn / talking to Jack and Chris about Ghana / singing with Rose, Dad, and Julie, while Mom played the piano / Hans sick / Julie sick (pneumonia) / playing 360 / watched MST3K with Isaac and Caleb / Rachel rode a horse / new tennis shoes / left for kamp / saw Tim at Uncle Dave and Aunt Bonnie’s / got ready for kamp / camper to be: “I’m six, going on nine.” / three guys with nothing in common becoming friends / little brothers of sibling kampers finding out that all the stories are true / giggling girls / rumors of bears / campfire / a black eye / Bailey singing a country song / bird’s nest above the door / stars and stars and stars / power out, water gone / Mothman and Butterfly Girl / young man offering hamburger to a cook / two baptisms / “You helped me find the real me.” / Scott and Jenna singing “Lida Rose” / madhatters moving through the forest, wearing glow sticks / Caleb throwing handful of flour bombs on suicide run and surviving / frozen blueberries / Jack and Kenny singing Dr. Seuss song / Julie singing “A Real Tornado” / me singing “I’ll Carry Your Purse” (again) / Vana singing “Blue Bayou” / Marek singing in Polish while Vana laughed / a note to the staff from a kamper / Rachel singing “Precarious” / driving the 4-wheeler / Mexican food in Sedalia / candy bar bet with 2 girls to sing in the mess hall / brother and sister playing cello and violin / great talent shows / lake low and scummy / great Man to Man / rainy Fridays / sleepless night / early morning airport / San Diego / writing short story / bootcamp table

WRITING: “Expendable” (play—Draft #2—interrupted), “Decay” (short story—Draft # 1), “The Doldrums” (short story—Draft #1), “Diplomatic Immunity” (short story—Draft # 1), “Absolute Love” (short story—Draft # 1), “Myriads” (short story—Draft # 1).

MOVIES WATCHED: Wall-E, Batman Begins, Gotham Knight, MST3K, The Dark Knight

BOOKS READ: Shadow on the Stars, Characters and Viewpoint, Children of the Mind, Maps in a Mirror

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Mark said...

That is quite the month! You should learn how to hyperlink your summaries to other blog entries... for example the Batman review... then people could just click and go check it out. Another peace of constructive criticism: Use the "more" line in your posts so that the whole text doesn't end up cluttering your front page. Still, over all, I love the blog and have become a regular reader!