Monday, November 3, 2008


Whenever you are in a bookstore, Husky Rogue is a game that will provide much entertainment. Here's how you play:
Go to the Romance section. As a matter of courtesy, do not play Husky Rogue while any customer is browsing in this aisle. Wait until the playing area is clear.
Select books at random as determined by whatever title or cover catches your eye.
Read the last paragraph or two on the last page of the book.
Caution: Some books mistake steaminess for romance. Tread cautiously.
Reading the last part of several books will be relatively amusing.
Points are awarded as follows:
Every time you find the word "husky" as in "His husky voice reached her across the moonswept leaves of love" you get one point.
Every time you find the word "rogue" as in "He was a sly rogue from the bad part of town" you get one point.
Titles are also fair game.
If you find the words "husky" and "rogue" in the same book, you automatically win.
Don't be skeptical. Play the game one time and then measure your skepticism.
This game is still relatively new and suggestions for point-awarded words are welcome.
So to all you potential Husky Roguers, good luck!


WhitneySkyWalker said...

My friend and I used to play a similar game in the bookstore: we would each pick up a random sleazy romance book, and then find the steamiest paragraph and outdo each other by reading it aloud. We were often reduced to tears from laughing so hard.

Other fun words to look for are: brooding, chiseled, ravish, saucy, sinewy, smolder, and sultry.

Abbie said...

Okay I'm totally grossed out right now! I hate that word husky! Creepy!!! Although that game is pretty fun. Oh, and nice "moonswept leaves of love," Bret.