Monday, December 1, 2008


The beginning starts with the end. Both Nick and Allie are killed in an accident and wake up dead. They find themselves in a strange dimension of existence called Everlost that is not quite in the real world and not quite removed from it.

The landscape is the same as the real world and they can see the living, but they themselves are unseen and move through a parallel existence with its own challenges and dangers. In Everlost, you must be cautious of sinking into the ground. Unless you keep moving or find rare places of stability you begin to sink into the earth. If nothing brings about your rescue, you descend over a period of years until you reach the center of the earth. In Everlost, there are not only the “ghosts” of people, but also the “ghosts” of treasured objects and even buildings that no longer exist in our world.

Nick and Allie encounter new friend and enemies. Don’t imagine them wandering an empty terrain. As they learn the rules of this new realm, they find themselves to be key players in significant struggles for power.

An ancient child strives to protect a city of children. A monster roams this unseen world capable of bringing about a fate worse than death. The real world and Everlost overlap in interesting and useful ways.

This is a unique fantasy that leads you through a series of bizarre images. The plot is unpredictable and leaves you hoping for a sequel.


David said...

ooh... now my interest is indeed piqued and yet i lack sufficient funds to go by the bookstore and buy it, and i also lack the time to adequately enjoy such a read. i'll have to settle for finishing up my slow rereading of the silmarillion for the next week or so, i suppose, but then i really think i'll pick this one up. but first, is it pretty clean, or no? because the review reminds me quite a bit of american gods, come to think of it, but i'm not sure i could take that much more profanity in my fantasy diet

Abbie said...

Sounds rad! I like that it overlaps into the real world. It's on my list after I finish you-know-what...