Friday, June 12, 2009



1) The Incredibles
2) Up
3) Monsters, Inc.
4) Wall-E
5) Toy Story II
6) Toy Story
7) Finding Nemo
8) A Bug’s Life
9) Ratatouille
10) Cars


1) For the Birds
2) Presto
3) Partly Cloudy
4) Geri’s Game
5) Jack-Jack Attack!
6) Burn-E
7) Lifted
8) Knick Knack
9) Mike’s New Car
10) One Man Band


Payton Bartee said...

Looks our taste in Pixar films line up similarly...I've got The Incredibles at my top spot too. I really need to see Up!

Abbie said...

Up is before Monsters Inc.?!?!? Wow, I really should see it!

David said...

No, Abbie, Up is *not* before Monsters, Inc. *Nothing* is before Monsters, Inc. :)

We saw Up today. It was good--better than Wall-E, on par with Ratatouille--but I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was a little too heavy, at least for my mood today. We'll see how I feel after I see it a few more times.

David said...

And what about Boundin'?

WhitneySkyWalker said... favorite Pixar film would probably be Finding Nemo, although Wall-E gives it a run for its money. I know everybody's going to gasp, but I didn't actually care for The Incredibles all that much (but then, I've only seen it once).