Saturday, July 4, 2009


It’s for real this time. Connie Willis’s new book will hit the stands February 2, 2010. It’s called Blackout and is about four people who go back in time to Great Britain during the severe bombings of London. I had the opportunity to meet Connie Willis in Castle Rock during the opening of a new library. She indicated that this new book would be more humorous than Doomsday Book and more serious than To Say Nothing of the Dog.
Rumor has it that the story is actually quite long and that it will be published in two volumes within a few months of each other. So Blackout might only be Volume I. If it’s as good as Doomsday or Dog, it will have been worth the wait.

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Abbie said...

Every bone in my body is telling me to not get to excited about that release date but it's not working. I can't wait!!! 2/2/10 it's just like 2/2/2 because isn't 10=2 in binary? That's why she delayed.