Wednesday, March 31, 2010


*WOW—one of my favorite episodes.
*The story of Richard was not only well done, but added further proof that the writers have had this whole show planned extremely well from the very beginning. This also revealed another excellent actor. Up until this season, Richard has been a kind of the “control” in the system. But now that everything is reaching a climactic confrontation, the deeper character of Richard (the flawed levels), make him far more interesting. What a great actor.
*”Ab aeterno” is Latin for “from the beginning of time.”
*When the priest randomly opened Ricardo’s Bible in the prison, it opened to Luke 4 in which Jesus makes the people angry by referring to a prophecy—they try to throw Him off a cliff, but He eludes them.
*The Man in Black says to Ricardo, “It’s good to see you out of those chains.” This is what BadLocke said to Richard recently.
*The Man in Black told Ricardo to take the knife and kill Jacob. He gave the same instructions—almost word for word—that Dogan gave Sayid, when Dogan gave a knife to Sayid and told him to kill BadLocke.
*Jacob brought the ship to the island. Desmond claimed he brought Oceanic 815 to the island. Does this mean that Desmond was mistaken and that it was Jacob all this time? Seems so.
*The island is a “cork” in a bottle. To retain evil? To restrain electromagnetic forces?
*Another white stone. Jacob was winning the game. BadLocke threw the white stone out of the cave entrance. Everything is shifting into the hands of the Man in Black.
*This episode makes me mourn the loss of all the other facets of the story that were lost because the producers were forced to limit the number of episodes due to the ever-present impatience of the lulled masses who can’t stand to be challenged for longer than thirty minutes.

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rlt said...

Great insights, Bret. Looking forward to reading more as the series finale approaches.