Saturday, May 15, 2010


*Jack and Claire’s father (Christian) wills a music box to Claire. When they open it, the tune playing is “Catch a Falling Star.” Jack says he has no idea why his father bequeathed it to her. This tune has popped up several times throughout the show. It is clearly some kind of key clue. It makes me lean more and more toward an extraterrestrial factor, but it just doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the show—especially after Juliet ridicules the whole concept of “aliens.”
*BadLocke wants all the candidates to die, but he cannot directly kill anyone. These are “the rules” as mentioned by the young boy in the jungle.
*Major body count. Things are clearly winding down. Sayid, Jen, Sun and Lapidus are all out. This means that of all the original candidates, this leaves only Shephard, Ford and Reyes. For what it’s worth, their respective numbers are 23, 15 and 8.
*Once again, the phrase, “Whatever happened, happened” was spoken again. This also seems to be an essential element in any kind of solution to the story.

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