Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The day after the parking lot shoot, we got up around 3 p.m. After grabbing some lunch / breakfast, we drove to LA proper to watch the “dailies” of the hospital shoot.
We went to the film company's screening rooms where the big guys watch dailies as well. There was a security gate. The cinematographer arrived at the same time we did. After going through the gate, we went inside to a really nice theater. The projectionist showed the “dailies” while Jon and Libby and the key grip (I can’t remember his name), discussed the exposure of the film and various issues.
Afterwards, Jon and I drove to Hollywood to meet our old friend Sun-Ho Pak. He graduated from Hyland about twelve years ago.
On the way, we drove by where the Oscars will be happening shortly and the famous Chinese Theater.
We met Sun-Ho and his friend Sara at Mozza’s Pizza and had a great time catching up.
Sun-Ho is also working in film and is here from Seoul, Korea (where he currently lives) promoting a film he finished.

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