Monday, December 26, 2011

STAGE: Bird Brains 2011

Our musical Bird Brains was produced by BackStory at the Broomfield Theater.
This was the first of the full-length Hyland plays to ever be performed outside of Hyland. It was a younger cast, including elementary age as well as high school. There were three performances during November 18th and 19th.
We rewrote the script a little and added new lyrics to one of the tunes so that there could be an ensemble number in the last scene.
Anna Wilcox did a wonderful job directing and the result was great.
The lead lost her singing voice, so my niece Rachel sang for her offstage.
Everything went really well. The audience was impressed and it looks like BackStory will be doing another of our plays next year.
Brent and Anna Wilcox (BackStory) paid us to use the play. So we are now officially professional playwrights!

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