Friday, January 27, 2012


January 13th and 14th Mobius was performed at the Broomfield Auditorium.
Dad and I wrote Mobius several years ago.
Here’s the story of the script that was in the program:

About four or five years ago, we discussed the idea of writing several short vignettes for the stage. The idea would be to move through multiple stories, with a variety of plots and characters. Both of us are fans of the old “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” television show and we liked the idea of pursuing a similar concept—suspenseful or unusual situations leading to a twist of some sort.
One of us (Ron) had already been tinkering with skit-length plots, experimenting with the form. This led to several ideas, many of which were based on personal experiences in everyday circumstances, some of which were set in mundane, yet difficult situations. Many other details that ended up in the play came from the lives of friends or personal memories. A friend (Donna Cole) shared one of her own particular adventures with us, which we then added to the plot.
Once we had settled on specific stories, we wanted to try and figure out a way to connect them in some fashion. This led to the idea of using the mobius as a thematic thread. This also in turn significantly altered the structure of each scene, and of the play as a whole.
Mobius was first produced as a one-act play. When Anna approached us about developing it into a full-length production, we were very excited to see what she would do with it. However, there were some unexpected challenges in expanding the script. The primary issue we faced was to somehow divide the story into two acts without losing the crucial flow of the story.
We met with Anna to discuss not only this particular challenge, but to also brainstorm about additional stories. Two of the new scenes in particular came about as a direct result of Anna’s input—one of which was based on something she actually experienced herself.
After considering two or three concepts as far as restructuring the play, we finally found one we thought might work. The result was a production that ended up being far more complex and bigger than the concept we first imagined. As with most fun endeavors, Mobius has ended up being a conglomeration of many odds and ends. But most of all, for the two of us—Anna’s encouragement and input has been the final twist in our effort, and the result has been nothing less than pleasantly unexpected.
Ron and Bret Carter

About 120 people came to see the Friday opening. They were a great crowd and we got lots of laughs.
Saturday, we had about 70 or 80 at the matinee. And for a matinee, it wasn’t that bad at all. It was a great audience and they really enjoyed the show.
We were competing against the Broncos in the playoffs during our final performance. We ended up with only about 30 or 40. But they made up for their small number in their big laughs. We had a lot of fun.
Everyone in the cast had a great attitude and we put our all into it. And it was a great, great audience. They had a fun time and so did we. We added a line at the beginning of the yoga scene (Kenny said, “We’re missing the Broncos game!”) and they loved it. Everything went really well. (Not so much for the Broncos.)
High Plains Video recorded the Friday night performance.


The Raabs said...

So... how can I get my hands on the video?
Thanks so much for these updates. It is so neat to hear how things are going and how they come about.

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