Friday, March 27, 2015


These are the top five movies I saw in 2014.

# 5 The Lego Movie

When I heard about this, I immediately concluded it would be the dumbest movie of the year. Certainly it would win all the awards at the Razzies.
I was very wrong. It is well written, a fun story, and it made me laugh several times. I saw it twice.
Anybody who turns their nose up at it, has forgotten the child they used to be.

# 4 Edge of Tomorrow

As has been said many times, this is the scifi version of Groundhog Day. The plot is challenging and clever. The aliens are surprisingly unique. Several times, it seems all is lost and the heroes must summon yet a little more ingenuity and self-sacrifice to fight on. Unless I am failing to recall extensive crude language, it is worth your while.

# 3 Magic in the Moonlight

This is another Woody Allen movie that will fail to even make a blip on most people’s radar. It takes place in the 1920s and is simple story about a professional magician who sets out to prove that a young girl claiming to be a medium is a fraud. The acting is first rate, the story is cute, and the ending is perfect.   

# 2 Guardians of the Galaxy

When I saw the previews to this, I was not impressed. The raccoon put me off. I thought it would be stupid. Boy was I wrong. A great epic scifi with humor and great characters. Just when you think Hollywood is almost tapped dry, they surprise you with something finally unique. This is a standard space adventure, but with a style of wit and blatant disregard for clich├ęs.

#1 Interstellar

 It’s the Nolan Brothers. Even when they’re not at their best, they are a far cry above everything else. This is a more realistic and serious scifi adventure. The acting is Oscar worthy—although only gave a token nod to this film. The story challenges you, the special effects will leave you with your mouth open. I do have to say that there is a sad undertone here of yet another story attempting to map out some kind of secular heaven. But regardless, this is a stunning movie that will be overlooked and give little appreciation because it does what most films are too chicken to do—be smart and edgy and ground-breaking.

Honorable Mention—Sharknado 2

There needs to be a new genre of film—intentional bad. Sharknado was borderline unintentionally bad. The concept alone confirms that the makers certainly did not expect to be present at the Academy Awards. But the sequel?
A horrible masterpiece.
It is so bad (and intentionally bad), that is nothing less than high entertainment. The dead seriousness of the acting and directing as they brave their way through a ridiculous story is nothing less than brilliant film-making.

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