Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BOOK NEWS: All Clear

On June 2, Connie Willis announced that after six years of writing, her new book ALL CLEAR is finished and just needs a few tweaks before sending it off to the publisher. The novel ended up being much bigger than she anticipated and will be published in two volumes. It is another time-travel book that is described as being somewhere between TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG and THE DOOMSDAY BOOK. The story follows four different time travelers who go back to World War II England and end up being stranded in separate places and times. Although the circumstances are generally grim, Willis says that it is also intended to have a lot of humor.


abbie said...

All I have to say is IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!! I am going to be so excited to read this book that no matter how good it is I probably won't like it. There. Your load of negativity for the day.

missy1155 said...

My goal has been to stay alive long enough to read this new book. I hope I make it!