Thursday, June 26, 2008

PLAY NEWS: The Senior Play

Dad and I are working on the first draft of a short play for the Hyland Seniors to be produced and performed some time this fall. The basic premise is as follows: Six people find themselves trapped in a large room. Although they clearly remember who they are and where they are from, they have no memory of how they got there. None of them have met before and they come from a variety of different backgrounds. From there, it becomes a matter of figuring out what has happened to them and how to escape. And it soon becomes clear that their situation may be quite grim and to make things worse, they are running out of time. The title is pending. It will be performed by Michael Andrews, Sam Bartee, Skylar Howard, Nessa Murphy, Cortney Smith, and Dillon Stewart. The first read-through is scheduled for August 7th and rehearsals begin shortly after.


abbie said...

Very cool! So have you opened pandora's box or is this "one more thing" fun for you? I know the kids sure love it!!!! What a dream to have a part written just for you!

Robert W. said...

Senior play?!! no way, I'm a senior! does that count?