Monday, February 22, 2010


*Ben wonders why Jacob didn’t put up a fight when he was attacked and killed. BadLocke says Jacob must have known he was defeated. The writers of LOST have often made it obvious they are big Star Wars fans. This seemingly easy victory is a lot like Obi Wan’s “death” in Star Wars.
*Now that we know that BadLocke is the Smoke Monster, it makes me wonder if the Smoke Monster has interacted with the characters in human form before—possibly Christian?
*The flash-sideways at first seems to simply be a rendition of their lives if they had never crashed, but it can’t be just that. With Desmond on board the plane, this can’t be an accurate extrapolation. His sudden absence also makes this more than just a straightforward “what if they had never crashed” scenario.


Abbie said...

Who is Christian?

I agree. There is always someone to mess up the accuracy of the flash-sideways.

Betsy said...

Remember when the smoke monster interacted with Locke in the form of the SMOKE MONSTER?! From what I can remember, the monster was grabbing and killing people but Locke stood his ground, and later when someone asked him what he'd seen he said, "The island," or something to that effect.

Did the monster spare him because he was a candidate? And why did he "show" something to Locke and not just drift away?

After that point, Locke seemed obsessed with doing the island's will and with destiny (in direct opposition to Jack's philosophy). He seemed to think he was doing Jacob's will, but was it really BadLocke's?

And is this another important, recurring theme-- Choice vs. Destiny? The first time we see Jacob and BadLocke, they're talking on the beach...didn't they talk about choice (something about history repeating itself)? I know they brought it up in the pit when Jacob was killed- Jacob tells Ben that he has a choice. Also, BadLocke says things like "Don't tell me what I can't do" (in a bitter, fighting reality kind of way) and "I'm trapped" and he tells Richard that he was "in chains." He also tells Sawyer that Jacob had been manipulating they're lives for a long time.

Also, (I've got more!) there are no children on the island. The kids are all taken after the plane crash and whisked away, never to be seen again (except for Walt, who they kept trying to take). And no one can have babies. Are they an outlawed-type thing on the island because they can't choose?

Whether or not the baby issue has to do with choice and destiny, I think it's an important one to add to your list of essentials. It MUST mean something, right? Maybe in relation to Adam and Eve, since no one has ever conceived and given birth on the island? Perhaps Adam and Eve will be the first ones?

Here's another thing it think about...They brought Locke's body back to the island. Does that mean we might get GoodLocke back? If they'd buried him back in America, it wouldn't even be a question. Hmm...

Are Jack and GoodLocke going to be the new Jacob and BadLocke?

Oh! The last thing that's bothering me...The Numbers. I can see how Jacob could have easily given Hurley the lotto number through that crazy guy, but why were they used to press the button? WHY??

Wow...once I started typing I couldn't stop. I love that you did these posts, Bret.

Bret Carter said...

Great thoughts, Betsy! Yeah, Locke, when referring to the first time he saw the smoke monster, says, ““I’ve looked into the eye of this island and what I saw was beautiful.” It makes sense that he was spared because he was a candidate.
Choice vs. Destiny is big in the show—definitely. I can’t remember what Jacob and BadLocke discuss on the beach, but I’ll be watching it again relatively soon. Great point about the children. Except for the blonde kid telling BadLocke the rules, we have a major absence of children!
Good theory that they have GoodLocke’s body handy for an 11th hour resurrection. You gave me this creepy image of the potential last shot of the whole show: GoodLocke and BadLocke sitting on the beach together, talking about time and space.
The numbers! The numbers! The numbers! I don’t know!
Betsy, you said, “once I started typing I couldn’t stop.” Feeling like Desmond, huh?