Monday, February 22, 2010


*Juliet’s “It worked” (via Miles) comes across as an undeniable statement. It feels true in that it is the dying words of a primary character. And the apparent absurdity of the statement seems to fit the predictable unpredictability of the show as a whole.
*This is probably the general consensus, but I think the piece of paper in the ankh is a list of names—the names of our heroes. (the ankh is a symbol of eternal life)
*BadLocke says to Richard, “Nice to see you out of your chains.” This is the first real bit of information concerning Richard’s backstory that seems extremely revealing. Also, Richard’s obvious fear of BadLocke is disturbing in that Richard has always seemed to be the one person who is calm and collected almost to the point of being aloof—even more than Ben. Richard has always seemed to know exactly what is going on and BadLocke is unexpected. Clearly, if Richard is afraid of BadLocke, there is good reason to be afraid.

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Abbie said...

I agree- they knew just how to write it to show us how much we should be worried about BadLocke.