Monday, March 8, 2010


*This episode seemed a little sloppy and choppy in parts, but still had some thought-provoking details.
*Miles says Sayid was dead for two hours. He adds, “Whatever brought you back—it wasn’t them.” Since Miles is an expert on dead people, this seems a trustworthy observation.
*Dogen says about BadLocke: “For years he has been trapped. Now Jacob is gone, he is free.” Which brings to mind the Mouse Trap scene in Season 1.
“He is going to destroy every living thing on the island.” “He is evil incarnate.”
“He will come to you as someone you know—someone who has died.” This last part supports what I’m thinking. I’m convinced that Christian and Dave (Hurley’s old friend) and Ecco’s brother, and any other vision of a dead loved-one—that they were all BadLocke/Smoke Monster.
*BadLocke asks Sayid, “What if I told you, you could have anything you wanted?” This brings to mind the “box” that was described by Ben to GoodLocke, shortly after which we discover GoodLocke’s dad.
*The song that Claire was singing while in the pit was “Catch a Falling Star.” It is also the song that was playing during the weird slo-mo ending. In Season 1, Claire said her father (Christian) used to sing this song to her when she was a little girl. If the song carries any deep significance, we might be talking an extraterrestrial angle on all this. I have mixed feelings about that.
*Back in Episode #5 “The Lighthouse,” Jack told his son David that he used to read Alice in Wonderland to him when he was little—that David used to love “Kitty and Snowball.” I looked up the allusion—Kitty and Snowball were Alice’s kittens. Kitty was black. Snowball was white.

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