Wednesday, March 31, 2010


*The book The Chosen had a cameo. I think only the title is relevant as far as the candidates.
*It kind of made me freak out slightly when I saw this episode was directed by Mario Van Peebles. But he did a good job.
*Ilana says there are only six candidates “left.” I’m assuming this means that all the other names marked out on the cave ceiling and all the names on the lighthouse dial were once candidates. This seems like a given, but I guess it’s finally hit me that a whole lot of people have been considered for Jacob’s position and the search has all culminated with the final six.
*Richard was brought to the island on an 19th Century slave ship. So it seems that this was what BadLocke was referring to when he said it was good to see Richard out of his chains. Does this mean that BadLocke also arrived on the same ship?
*One of my main theories was that Richard was a time traveler, but that has been clearly nixed. Instead, Richard’s timelessness is attributed to Jacob giving him a gift.
*Ben’s redemption is one of my favorite aspects of the series. The scene with Ben and Ilana where Ben said he was planning to go with BadLocke because “he is the only one who will have me” was one of my favorite scenes in the series.
*Ben and Locke are fantastic characters played by fine actors—probably the best two on the series.

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