Wednesday, March 31, 2010


*The parallels between the flash sideways and what occurred on the island (such as Sawyer being a detective on the mainland and head of security on the island) makes me maintain that this flash sideways is some kind of cerebral event. I think they are all still on the island experience this prolonged “what if.”
*WATERSHIP DOWN makes a second appearance. Of all the books showcased on the show, this one seems to be getting the most attention. One of the books underneath it was LANCELOT.
*Zoe enters—the girl working for Widmore. “Zoe” is the Greek word for life.
*Point of interest: BadLocke emphasizes that he had a mother who was crazy just like Aaron has a mother who is crazy. Is this in reference to Locke’s mother or BadLocke’s mother. And does this mean that Aaron will still play a significant role in all this? Is he the young boy that told BadLocke that he had to follow the rules?
*In this episode, we have Sawyer the detective watching “Little House on the Prairie.” In a recent play my dad and I wrote, one of our detectives was a big fan of “Little House on the Prairie.” We did not steal this. We wrote this long before this episode aired. Just another creepy bout of synchronicity.
*Sawyer breaks a mirror. Does that mean he’s going to have seven years of BadLocke?

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