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Now that we’re in the midst of the final season, we are being presented with the most significant aspects of the whole show as they begin to tie up loose ends. With these key elements in mind, I’m going back through the previous seasons looking for significant moments that might shed light on what is currently happening in the story.

*Rose says there’s something “familiar” about the sound of the monster. Sometimes it sounds biological. Sometimes it sounds mechanical.
*Locke expounds on the history and nature of backgammon, emphasizing there are two opponents, one dark, one light. Because of the black / white theme throughout the series, this seems extremely significant.
*When Jack tells Locke he saw his dead father alive, Locke points out, “What if you’re not hallucinating?” Jack’s response: “Then we’re all in a lot of trouble.”
*Locke: “I’ve looked into the eye of this island and what I saw was beautiful.”
*Adam and Eve were “laid to rest” 40-50 years ago. This would be around 1970, when the Dharma Initiative was first established on the island.
*Rousseau explains that the “Others” were the carriers; “they are the ones who whisper” “it took them one after the other” she says one of her team “was sick”; Rousseau explains that she killed her team when they became infected; “What if we were rescued?” The implication seems to be that she was stopping them from infecting the whole world.
*Rousseau heard the plan of the Others to take “the boy” [Walt] from the whispering. This apparently verifies that the whispering is definitely the Others.
*Claire’s nightmare: Locke with one white eye and one black eye says, “He was your responsibility, but you gave him away, Claire.” “Everyone pays the price now.”
*Psychic saw something frightening in Claire’s future concerning Aaron. “It’s crucial that you raise this child.” “Your goodness must be an influence in this child.” “There will be no happy life for this child without you.” [Is the blonde kid who emphasizes “the rules” to BadLocke an older Aaron?]
*Hurley got the numbers from Leonard Simms in the psychiatric hospital; When Leonard learns that Hurley used the numbers to win the lottery, he says, “You shouldn’t have done that! You’ve opened the box! You shouldn’t have used the numbers! It doesn’t stop! You got to get away from the numbers, or it won’t stop!” This seems BIG. “You’ve opened the box!”
*The numbers were first heard in Australia when Leonard Simms and Sam Toomy were stationed at a listening post for the military, monitoring transmissions from the South Pacific. The reasons Sam moved to the middle of nowhere, was to escape the bad luck of the numbers—he eventually committed suicide. Leonard’s wife says, “There’s no curse! You make your own luck! Don’t blame it on the numbers! You’re looking for an excuse that doesn’t exist!”
*Rousseau and her crew heard the numbers while traveling on the ocean. This is what caused them to change course and crash onto the island. She found the radio tower and changed the transmission—this is the same time Simms and Toomy heard the numbers (16 years ago).
*Rousseau: the Dark Territories—this is where it all started, my team was infected; she mentions that a team member lost his arm.
*Smoke monster: Danielle says it’s a “security system” to “protect the island”
*It was obvious that the Others wanted Walt. In a flashback, his “special” nature apparently summoned a bird (when he was upset); he also apparently summoned polar bears while on the island. Did the others want Walt simply because he was a child or because he was “special”?
*Locke demonstrates the game Mouse Trap—the second game he has described in some detail. “You start with all these parts off the board, one by one you build a trap, piece by piece it all comes together, then you wait until your opponent lands here on the old cheese wheel, then if you set it up just right, you spring the trap.” This seems BIG. Maybe the “pieces” are people being gathered to spring a trap for either Jacob or BadLocke.

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Betsy said...

Oooo, good stuff.

Any guesses about why the statue has only four toes?

And what about Charles Whidmore? Ben's been fighting him for a long time on Jacob's orders (right?). Do you think Charles Whidmore has anything to do with BadLocke? There seemed to be bad blood between him and the lady at the Lamppost (she works for Jacob).

About Juliette's dying words-- She also talked about getting coffee with Sawyer and going dutch. This was odd because they were practically engaged. Do you think they'll bring her back for one episode to show her meeting Sawyer for the "first time" in a flash-sideways?

Another thing that caught my attention was all the focus the camera was putting on Jin's watch in the flashes-sideways (heh). It was as if they wanted us to remember it. Did you notice that?

Oh! And when you re-watch, will you pause and remind us all what the images were in the smoke monster flashes? I actually saw one all by myself once, but I don't remember what it was.

Lastly, I think we can agree that these writers had better know what they're doing and end this thing well. Or else.