Wednesday, April 7, 2010


*I love it when characters actually make a rational decision—when Jin tries to leave the camp before “that thing” (BadLocke) comes back—when Sun runs away from BadLocke after he tells her he will reunite her with Jin.
*Jin wakes up in Room 23 that resembles the room Alex’s boyfriend was in during Season 3. Zoe says it was designed for “subliminal messaging.” The phrases that flash on the wall are “THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE,” “WE ARE THE CAUSE OF OUR OWN SUFFERING,” and “EVERYTHING CHANGES.”
*Zoe asks for Jin’s help concerning pockets of electormagnetism as mapped out by Jin when he worked for the Dharma Initiative. Does this mean there are other sources of power the equivalent of that found at the Swan Hatch?
*Widmore tells Jin that if “that thing” (BadLocke) gets off the island, then everyone Jin knows and loves will “cease to exist.” This choice of words makes me suspect that BadLocke is some form of a time anomaly. Widmore didn’t say BadLocke would kill everyone. He says he would simply cause them to “cease to exist.” BadLocke may be the ultimate paradox that plagues all time-travel scenarios.
*The flash-sideways is assembling all relevant players and arranging them in ways that parallel the world we know on the island. For example: Sun is pregnant and Mikail is missing an eye. The means by which these details occur may differ, but the results are the same. “What happened, happened.”
*Desmond is “the package.” This would imply that he contains something of significance. The only thing that comes to mind is that when he turned the key during the Swan Hatch implosion, he was hurled through time. A lasting side-effect after his return was an ability to glimpse the future. If this ability is still intact, this would certainly serve Widmore’s plans.

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