Tuesday, April 13, 2010


*The white rabbit in the generator room maintains the Alice in Wonderland theme. The rabbit’s name is Angstrom (a unit used to measure wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation)
*Before forcing Desmond to play the guinea pig in the room with the giant electromagnet, Widmore tells Desmond that if he doesn’t help, then “Penny, your son and everyone else will be gone forever.” This again indicates a time anomaly rather than an outright destructive event.
*The parallels between the current island events and the side-flashes continues. Charlie almost drowns. It seems that there are two universes that overlap in traumatic moments.
*Before the CAT scan, the technician asks Desmond if he has any metal on him—the same question asked by the technician on the island before Desmond faced the giant electromagnet.
*Eloise Hawking (Mrs. Widmore) is clearly in the know. Her conversation with Desmond indicates she is quite aware that there are two “universes.” She refers to a “violation” and tells Desmond he is “not ready.” She also says, “What happened, happened.” This phrase has been a recurring phrase throughout the series. Maybe any time anomalies are ultimately and automatically resolved. Until the resolution, there is a tension—the strain of which is felt by our heroes.
*Daniel Hawking describes similar visions of the other universe after seeing Charlotte. There is a love pattern: Charlie sees Claire. Desmond sees Penny. After seeing Charlotte, Daniel says that same night, he wrote down highly complex quantum mechanic equations. He says, “Imagine something terrible is about to happen (something catastrophic) and the only way to stop it is by releasing a huge amount of energy—like a nuclear bomb. What if all this—what if this wasn’t supposed to be our life? What if we had some other life for some reason we changed things. I don’t want to set off a nuclear bomb. I think I already did.” This all seems to indicate the concept of an alternate universe. Rumor has it that the writers denied “alternate universes” as an explanation, but it sure seems like the plot is built on this very thing.
*Now that Desmond has seen the light—so to speak, he currently has the confidence and calm demeanor that once belonged to Richard.
THEORY: Jacob is responsible for maintaining the proper timeline. Any flaws or glitches caused for whatever reason, he must repair—kind of like a physician for the space/time continuum. His time is up and now a candidate must take his place in maintaining the integrity of the continuum.
SCHRODINGER’S CAT: One quantum mechanics theory that seems to be a good fit for what is happening is the Schrodinger’s Cat concept. The basic idea is this: any time there is an “event” (even down to a subatomic level) two universes are created.

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