Saturday, April 17, 2010


*Those who sense that there is another reality receive this epiphany either because they experience a traumatic event (Charlie and Desmond taking a plunge in the car) or because they have a deep love for someone (Hugo and Libby)—which doesn’t necessarily speak well of love.
Libby asks Hugo: “Do you believe two people can be connected like soul mates?” This seems to indicate that regardless of the rift between two realities “true love” cannot be completely severed and is one of the symptoms that something is not quite “right.”
* Ilana go boom.
* When Hurley goes through Ilana’s stuff he acquires a bag. White stones?
* Desmond’s order in the chicken fast food joint was #42.
* When BadLocke asks Desmond if he knows who he is, Desmond confidently says, “You’re John Locke.” Either Desmond—despite his apparent confidence concerning what’s going on—is deeply misled and na├»ve, OR there might be some truth to what he said.
*Richard tells Hurley to “ask Jacob what the island is” as a kind of test for Hurley—which he fails. This suggests that there is a straight-forward relatively simple answer to the question. Something that would not be convoluted or difficult to explain. A word or phrase that explains everything—the big A-Ha.
*Michael implies that the island is a kind of limbo. “We’re the ones who can’t move on.” Yet, if the explanation is so deeply spiritual this doesn’t really cover the more physical aspects (such as time travel and electromagnetivity).
*I was so glad they were able to return to the unresolved Libby plot. They are doing such a great job of tying up all the loose ends in a short time.
*One fan pointed out that in almost every trip into the flash-sideways, a main character studies their own face in a reflection. That they sense something is awry. This has strong connections with the Alice in Wonderland theme which is a primary thread throughout the show.

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