Thursday, May 20, 2010


*The body count increases. Zoe cut down and Widmore gunned down. It makes me wonder if the last shot of the show will be Jack perched at the top of the lighthouse—the only living human left on the island.
*Jacob tells the candidates that they were selected because none of them were “doing fine.” They were all flawed and alone.
*Desmond is described as a “measure of last resort” and a “failsafe.”
*Jack has chosen to protect the island. He took the cup and drank.
*BadLocke is setting out to destroy the island.
*This all seems to be pointing to a showdown involving Jack, BadLocke and Desmond. Jack is now the Man in White so to speak, BadLocke is the Man in Black so to speak. But it will apparently be Desmond that determines the winner of this game.
OFFICIAL THEORY as of May 20th. I’m still leaning toward an extraterrestrial solution. There will obviously be a battle of some sort. Ben has apparently re-chosen the dark side. He might still find redemption in some sort of self-sacrifice, but right now, he seems pretty self-centered. The flash-sideways will be revealed as a false existence, resolving into the real island existence. Everyone in the flash-sideways is converging on the concert. The concert will somehow coincide with the battle taking place on the island.

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