Sunday, May 23, 2010


Here are some things I noticed after re-watching Season Four that might shed light on what’s going on now in the final stretch.

*Charlotte tests Daniel’s memory using three playing cards, indicating his memory is beginning to fail.
*When Daniel moves the rat “Eloise” through time, she dies because she has no “anchors” (something familiar in both times). “Every equation needs a stability—something known—called a constant.”
This is apparently what’s going on in the final season as characters in the flash-sideways experience overlap with their lives on the island. Desmond is Daniel’s constant if anything goes wrong. This is why Desmond is reconciling everyone in the flash-sideways. He’s the constant that will bring it all back together.
*Locke, Hurley, Sawyer were playing the game Risk—another game, but this one clearly about world domination. Aaron was also present but not actually playing.
*In flash-sideways, Jack is surprised to see an appendectomy scar. He has no memory of it. Juliet removed his appendix in the other dimension. This further supports that the island universe is the real one and that the flash-sideways will ultimately submit to that version of reality.
*Ben and Widmore discuss rules between themselves much like Jacob and his brother have rules.
*When Richard visits Locke as a little boy, there is a picture young Locke drew hanging on the wall. It shows the Smoke Monster killing someone.
* Locke says to Jack: “It’s not an island.”

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