Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last year, I wrote a short skit for BackStory Theatre Academy, called “The Reset Button.” It deals with two office workers with drastically different personalities trying to work on a business retreat. Then corporate introduces a device that allows one of them to relive specific moments in order to try and handle the conflict correctly (a la Groundhog Day).
We presented it last year to a business conference in Grand Junction. On Thursday, June 10th, Anna Wilcox, Jenn Anderson and I will be presenting a rewritten version for a business conference in Vail.


drummerboy said...

Is there any way I can see this?

Abbie said...

Random unrelated comment: HAVE YOU SEEN THE BOOK OF ELI????? WATCH IT!!!!!!! MY NEW FAVORITE MOVIE.

Brent said...

I ate a banana for breakfast this morning...wait, this is twitter, right?