Friday, July 30, 2010


My cousin Jon Byron is in film school (Chapman University in California) and he asked me to help him write a short screenplay for his “final thesis.” After much collaboration we came up with an idea currently called HEARTSTOPPER. The teachers at his school responded well to the initial draft and he got the green light.
Jon wanted to do something along the lines of WAIT UNTIL DARK or something like a Hitchcock film. We discussed the basic ingredients that we liked from films such as these and came up with a basic plan. After trying out two or three concepts, we focused on one that seemed to work.
Jon will be filming it in February with a real film crew and the whole shebang. Later, it will be shown at a film festival.
He is currently finishing up a short series of films cumulatively called PERSPECTIVE. It is soon to be at a film festival. When he pitched the idea of PERSPECTIVE to his teachers, they recommended he not do it. He did it anyway and it was a big hit with those who saw it—including the teachers. Fantastic film.
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Abbie said...

Wow super cool blog re-design!!! I am jealous. I love that something you wrote will be on the big screen! Can't quite wrap my mind around that one!!

Brent said...

Re-design is cool, but when I went to another website--especially one with a white background--my eyes still see the pattern of your blog. It's burned in my brain, man!