Wednesday, July 22, 2015



I did a little research.

I explored the words “miniaturize” and “shrink” with a thesaurus and wrote down the words that caught my eye. For some reason the idea of shrinking a person and referring to it as “abbreviating” them, sounded like an insult—something you would do to them out of animosity. So that gave me the idea of punishing a criminal by shrinking them.

When I was little, I saw the movie The Incredible Shrinking Man and at the end the guy just keeps shrinking and shrinking. But he finishes his story with, “To God, there is no zero.” This made me wonder about what would happen if a man just kept shrinking down to nano levels.

Online, I found out there are organisms called nanobes—considered to be the smallest living organisms that are technically still considered “life.”

I also learned about “quantum tunneling” and considered having my criminal end up reaching another dimension.

Later, my idea was already sounding stale. I needed something else.

I have been interested in exploring the idea of stories that deal with alien invasions that are so subtle, no one knows they are currently taking place.

I added that to the mix and at least at this point—here’s the pitch for my story.

When a group of criminals are miniaturized as punishment to further science, they discover a race of nano-size aliens currently sabotaging the civilized world.

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